To mount a remote nfs share in MacOS/X, there are two relatively simple ways:

  • Manually from the command line (terminal window).
  • Automatically using Disk Utility.

In principle it should also be possible to mount it through the Finder ("Go" -> "Connect to Server" respectively Command-K), but that didn't work for me because it requires admin privileges for the reserved port.

So here you go!

Mounting Manually

Open a terminal window and enter the following commands:

sudo -s
(enter your password - you must have admin privileges)
mkdir /your-mountpoint
mount_nfs -o resvport your-server:/your-export-path /your-mountpoint
mkdir /u01
mount_nfs -o resvport /u01

Obviously this has to be done after every reboot. You can create a startup item to do this automatically, but there's a better way...

Mounting Automatically

Open "Disk Utility" and select "File" -> "NFS Mounts...".

In the window "NFS Mounts" click on the "+" icon in the lower left corner.

Enter the information described in "Mounting Manually". The option "resvport" can be entered after clicking on "Advanced Mount Parameters".

Click "Verify" and "OK". You will be asked for the administrator password.

The nfs volume will be mounted in "/Volumes". You don't have to create the mountpoint yourself.

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